Welcome to Biblical Health Television’s special Lessons for Healthy Living “hidden” FPEA 2014 Convention page, made exclusively for Homeshoolers "in the know"!  (For more info about the FPEA Convention and to Register, CLICK HERE)

On this page you will find special content to help you have a wonderful, productive, and healthy Convention.   On this page you can download our FPEA guide, find out about our Workshops, Volunteer for Ministry Room, enter to win our brand new Curriculum, and so much more!

See you at FPEA 2014!


'You Can Do This!' (video)


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Special Message for Homeschoolers


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Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0

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Announcing: 'Curriculum for Life'

Available for Pre-Sale at FPEA 2014



Biblical Health Television is honored to announce the release of its Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0 "Curriculum for Life" curriculum at the FPEA 2014 Homeschool Convention!

"Curriculum for Life" will be available for the first time ever for purchase at the Rainbow Resource Center booth (#631). 

The 10-DVD "Lessons for Healthy Living" boxed set, which is included as part of "Curriculum for Life", is available now, while the Curriculum itself (in PDF format) will be shipped and the membership website opened in July 2014.

Those who purchase "Curriculum for Life" at the FPEA Convention will immediately receive the DVD set, and the Curriculum booklet (in PDF format) will be shipped for free to them on DVD when released.

Questions?  Please contact our Help Desk at: www.BiblicalHealth.tv/help

Win a 'Curriculum for Life' ($200 value)

Where to Purchase LFHL 2.0 DVD & Curriculum at FPEA Convention

Exclusive Vendor for LFHL 2.0 DVD

and Curriculum for Life at FPEA 2014:


Booth 631

Ebook: 'Spring Cleaning for Body, Soul and Spirit' (free PDF download)


    FREE Health eBook!

BHtv_SpringClean-Cover-2Spring Cleaning for Body, Soul, and Spirit” is a FREE ebook packed with practical advice from BHTV Co-Founders Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim to help rid your life of toxins and pollution! You know how great it feels to do a thorough “spring cleaning” — how light and unburdened you feel when those cluttered spaces in your life are cleared out and organized. Well, it’s the same when you rid yourself of the physical, emotional, and spiritual “clutter”!

 Learn how to “clear the rubble” from your mind, set goals, and stick to them!

 Rebuild and renew your power to achieve, rooted in the Holy Spirit!

 Step-by-step instructions for a full-body detox



FPEA Convention Specials

Come to BHtv's FPEA Convention Events, Ministry Room and Workshops

for Awesome Giveaways and Exclusive Discount Vouchers for

"Lesson for Healthy Living 2.0" DVDs and "Curriculum for Life"

'Your Healthy Start to the FPEA Convention' (free PDF download)


This special guide was specially made for you to have a healthy and productive FPEA 2014 Convention. Please print and bring to the FPEA to keep as a quick reference guide. Make sure to bring it to BHtv's Workshop (10:30am or 5pm on Friday, May 23rd) to receive a free gift (guaranteed for the first 100 attendees in each workshop).

FPEA Convention Event: Ministry Room (Info & Volunteer for Ministry Team)

Dr. Jeff Hazim


Ministry Room:  Personal Prayer and Counsel to Maximize Your FPEA Experience

Mom & Dad:  Overwhelmed with homeschooling and all its decision-making? 

Need to be refreshed and energized as you prepare for another year of training up your children? 

Join with Christian homeschoolers to seek God’s heart and mind for a successful, uplifting, Spirit-guided FPEA convention. 

Come get the personal prayer and direction you need in this unique time of ministry! 

Friday, May 23  -  Naples Room, Gaylord Palms Convention Center

10:00a – 10:30a, 11:20a – 12:25p, 5:50p – 7:00p




Volunteer to Minister


Would you like to help us minister in this first-ever FPEA Ministry Room?   We are seeking 10 prayer warriors for each each of the three Ministry Room sessions to assist us in ministering to those who come.   We also have a great gift of a "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" 10-DVD set ($67 value) for everyone who assists us in at least TWO of the three ministry room sessions.

Please fill out your information in the box below and we will contact you soon with more information.   Thank you!


FPEA Convention Event: Special Workshops


First Things First:  Making God’s Curriculum Your "Common Core" with Drs. Jeff & Andrea Hazim

You’ve already set your family apart by educating at home; but what about life’s other big decisions like food choices, relationships, finances, and health care? 

Doesn’t God have a Biblical “curriculum” for everything we do? 

Get equipped and empowered with practical lessons for healthy living to revolutionize your family in Body, Soul, and Spirit!   

(Exclusive giveaways and discounts for first 100 attendees at each workshop.) 


Friday, May 23  -  Naples Room, Gaylord Palms Convention Center

10:30a & 5p

Instructed by Biblical Health TV

(Exclusive giveaways for first 100 attendees at each workshop, and discount vouchers for all.)

FPEA Convention Event: Meet Drs. Jeff & Andrea Hazim

Biblical Health Q&A + Author Signing

Enter to WIN Free Family Health Evaluation 

Friday, May 23    1 – 2 pm

Rainbow Resource Center  (Booth 631)



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BHtv Supports WordTraveling

BHtv is happy to support WordTraveling and its non-profit work "Inspiring Families to Go!"



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at FPEA booth #709

FPEA 2014 Convention Info

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